For the last few years Limo and Taxi Drivers have taken a big hit. Uber/Lyft took much of their business. Sadly, these professional drivers were greatly affected. Suicide rates jumped, many taxi and limo companies went out of business as the industry price wars began….

Clients depend on Private Car & Limo Services

Lately, I’ve been hearing UberX/Lyft horror stories from my customers. Being abandoned, road rage, being uncomfortable, worrying about the mechanical condition of the car they just ordered. Getting into a car not made for commercial use is probably their biggest worry. I can see that, as I have a hard time getting into little lightweight cars, that’s really risky.

I’m glad my clients don’t worry about me. They know me and my commitment. They know I know where they live. They don’t worry I’ll come back and rob them or hurt them. That actually has happened in the Ride-share world. Most people don’t know that to be registered with the PUC for a Livery License you must have driven passengers for at least two years. You won’t get commercial insurance if you don’t have a clean record. One can be a taxi driver with no experience but, like us, they do have to be fingerprinted and pass FBI background checks and most import, daily and weekly vehicle inspections up on the rack.

My clients know how I drive. They know all Limo drivers have finger prints and background checks. Maintenance and Inspections is a big part of our business. Cleaning our cars sometimes several times a day is time consuming but I don’t want my clients to touch a dirty seat belt, or dirty anything in my car for that matter.

I feel bad for the drivers in our industry, the ones who took a big hit. In the past, as a professional driver, one could put their kids through college, own a house, have dignity.

When I first heard some were committing suicide I was hopping mad. Don’t these customers realize you get what you pay for? 10 years ago I drove a taxi before I started my private car service. I made good money. Now my taxi driver friends are barely getting by. I understand most Ride-share drivers are now struggling as a result of the Uber/Lyft price wars. Even Uber Black and SUV drivers have seen a drop in pay.

Well, after five years and still going, I’m grateful I’m still open for business. It’s picking up for the Private Car/Limo drivers. One of the major reasons is that we all work together, networking, sharing info and looking after our clients. Maybe people finally realize peace of mind is more important than saving a few bucks on a possible inexperienced unknown driver with a personal car. Who knows who or what you’ll get.

By having your own driver, who you can trust, call whenever, certainly is convenient, safe and awesome.

Stay Safe during Coronavirus Pandemic

Awesome Ride Service

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